A Million Thanks started in 2004 with the goal of collecting and distributing 1,000,000 letters of appreciation to U.S. military stationed around the world. What we didn’t realize at the time was the impact of these letters on the morale of our service members. We would frequently (and still do!) receive letters, phone calls, and emails back from our troops talking about how much getting letters from complete strangers would brighten their day. One soldier even responded, “I would rather get letters from people I don’t know than have food on a daily basis.”

People often ask what to write in a letter, and that’s the fun part! Tell them about yourself, your family, what interests you, what your day-to-day life is like. And most importantly, THANK YOU! Oftentimes, our servicemen and women just want to know who they’re fighting for.

At our mail intake facility, we receive about 1,000 letters per day! So, how do we get all those letters overseas? After we open, sort, read through, and count all of the incoming mail, we package it up in boxes of about 1,000 letters. We then send that box to a specific serviceperson who then will distribute the letters among his or her unit for everyone to enjoy. Know someone in the military who would like to receive letters? Send us their address and we’ll brighten their day!

Sending all those boxes of letters can get quite expensive and that’s where our supporters come in! Did you know…

  • The postage it requires to send one full box of mail to our troops overseas is only a fraction of the true cost of getting the letters there
  • $50 allows us to get 500 letters in the hands of our troops. It takes a team of over 50 people to open, read, review and sort ones day’s worth of mail
  • $100 allows us to send multiple boxes of mail with plenty of letters of support and encouragement.

Can we count on your support to get these letters of thanks into the hands of our deserving military men and women? Click here to support our troops!